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Living Faith Forums Rules and Terms of Service


General Information

We welcome Christians from every tradition, denomination, group, and affiliation to our forum. We are thrilled to have you. We also welcome non-Christians to participate as well. It is our desire at Living Faith Forums that we enjoy fruitful discussion on a variety of topics. We have developed the TOS to ensure that our discussion remain “Christ-like” and in the Spirit of love. Therefore, if you desire to participate, and we certainly hope that you do, we ask that you agree to the rules outlined in the TOS. While it is not our intentions to limit expression, we will be forced to delete any posts that are not in compliance with the rules in this TOS. Furthermore, continuous disregard of these rules can lead to warnings, suspensions, and even banning.


1. Respect one another

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets” (Matt. 7:12). These forums have people from numerous theological backgrounds and beliefs. WE certainly will not agree on everything. Therefore, when engaging in discussion or debate, please address “ideas” rather than personalities. Please do not insult, belittle, or use derogatory remarks towards one another. Keep posts on topic and address the subject rather than the person or their personality. Treat others as you expect to be treated. If you and another poster have a difficult time talking to one another then it is better not to get into a discussion with that person.


2. Promotion of sinful behavior prohibited

While we will allow a discussion a variety of topics, as a Christian forum, we will not endorse or tolerate posts that are intended to promote sinful behavior and lifestyles. For example, any posts intended to promote abortion, homosexuality, fornication, common-law marriage, and other such activities as legitimate will not be tolerated. While your opinions and questions are welcomed on such subjects, the constant and consistent promotion of such ideas after the Biblical correction has been made.


3. Refrain from using profanity

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth….” (Eph. 4:28). The use of offensive language will not be tolerated. Especially note any use of disrespect to God in the form of profanity: “neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God” (Lev. 19:12). If you are a Christian then please respect the Lord and is name. Also, be an example to non-Christians. If you are not a Christian you are welcome to participate but please refrain disrespecting our Lord by using His name as a curse word.

4. Pornography or sexually offensive language absolutely prohibited

There will be zero toleration for pornographic images, sexually lewd language and behavior, nor anything that alludes to such (in a username, misspelled words, etc.). Anyone engaging in such activity will be immediately suspended and/or banned from this forum.


5. Be mindful of others’ privacy

If you are aware of a posters full name, location, and other data that the poster himself/herself has not made public then you will respect their privacy. You will not reveal information to include but not limited to e-mail addresses, e-mail content, phone numbers, addresses, sex, occupations and other things that the poster himself/herself has not released to the general forum.


6. Please use the proper forums for the subjects you wish to discuss

Here on Living Faith Forums we have a number of subforums for the discussion of a variety of topics. Please attempt to use the proper subforum for the topic you wish to start. If your topic is in the wrong forum it may be moved to the correct one or possibly deleted by the staff.


7. Refrain from publicly arguing over staff actions

While all attempts will be made by staff to be fair in any actions that we must take, we realize that people may not necessarily see such action as fair or reasonable. We ask that you refrain from publicly questioning these actions. You may report all moderators and admin actions to the staff. The staff will discuss among ourselves whether or not the action taken was appropriate. Staff will notify you of our decision.

Furthermore, admin staff have the right to change this TOS as they deem necessary. The TOS will always stay consistent with the teaching of Scripture. When changes are made then members will be notified and will be expected to comply with all changes. Any questions concerning the TOS are not to be made public but are to be taken through the proper reporting channels.



8. No Spam

While some of us find the canned pork meat to be a delicious treat we do not so much favor it being in our e-mails or on our forums. Please refrain from spamming. We ask that you do not flood the board with ads, multiple posts concerning a product, how much money you made doing a home business that you want others to buy into, videos, and other useless material. Members are allowed to discuss projects that they are involved in, books and blogs they have written, a product they may have found helpful, etc. But EXCESSIVE posts of this nature will not be tolerated. Our forum is primarily for the purpose of discussions and not advertising, though members can promote in a limited sense. Spamming however, will not be tolerated.


9. Respect copyright laws

Please do not post copyrighted material without the permission of the one holding the copyright. Only 20% of a copyrighted work can be posted without the holder’s permission. Anything  more will be delete. Constant violation of this rule could lead to suspension or banning.


10. Do not question another’s faith

Do not question the sincerity or conversion experience of any member of Living Faith Forums who claims to be a Christian unless they specifically state that they are not. Even then we must represent the love of Christ to such individuals.